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The Bus Route: Grandview West Staycation | COB Blog

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

To get this staycation started you need to review your (C)bus route to make sure you‘re efficiently seeing (drinking/eating) some awesome places in a timely manner. In this edition of the bus route we visited the west side of the Grandview area. The trip can be travelled in under 10minutes (obviously you need to tack on your drinking and snacking time)!

What you will need:

  • ID

  • money

  • any type of shoe (they don’t have to be that comfortable because you are literally only walking .3 miles and the road is flat)

  • craft beer and cocktail hats

  • good attitude

First Stop: Barrel & Taps

They’ve got some killer cocktails so definitely recommend grabbing one or two!

2min walk (0.1 mile)

Second Stop: The Ohio Taproom

The cutest little place to get a beer and feel super cozy (could be the brews idk). It was raining while we were there and we felt so at home (but like a cooler home). Just go and see.

1min walk (266 feet)

Third Stop: Bryne’s Pub

Slainte! Let loose and get your pub on! This would be a great time to grab some food!

1min walk (400 feet)

Final Stop: Woodlands Tavern

Try to time your staycation so you can end the night with a live music show! Make sure to look it up ahead of time, to see if you need tickets or cash for a cover. If you don’t want to do that, you can usually stay on the bar side without the show and just chill and drink some nice craft beer.

There you have it, a Columbus staycation! Tell your peeps you are going west (of Grandview)!

Stay tuned for more bus routes to have the ultimate Columbus staycations!

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